“Embarrassed” voters hope new maps will get them out of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district

Some of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District voters hope that the anti-gerrymandering ruling will release them from being represented by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Reshaping Georgia

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES greene- AUGUST 24: Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks as the arrival of former President Donald Trump outside the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, United States on August 24, 2023. Benjamin Hendren / Anadolu Agency (Photo by Benjamin Hendren / ANADOLU AGENCY / Anadolu via AFP)
Illustration. Image source: Benjamin Hendren / ANADOLU AGENCY / Anadolu via AFP

A federal judge has ruled that Georgia’s congressional and state legislative district maps must be redrawn before the 2024 election. State lawmakers have until December 8 to redo Georgia’s 14 districts.

The Judge’s ruling

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In the ruling from mid-October, Judge Steve Jones wrote, “The evidence before this Court shows that Georgia has not reached the point where the political process has equal openness and equal opportunity for everyone.”


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An expert witness testified, “It’s just baffling that mapmakers did not draw more majority-Black districts.”

Enter people from Greene’s district

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Talking to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Deborah Douglin said about Marjorie Taylor Greene, “I’m totally embarrassed that she is my representative.” Douglin added, “Gerrymandering has got us stuck with somebody who absolutely, in no shape or form, represents who I am, what we think or what we would want.”

The Judge’s ruling had people’s hopes up

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Judge Steve Jones’s ruling gave hope to the voters. Republican chairperson in Cobb County, Salleigh Grubbs, said Greene was “very popular.” Still, Austell and Powder Springs voters do not want to be associated with her “because of her controversial comments.”

Greene was accused of ignoring voters

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US Republican. (Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP)

Elliott Hennington, the Black Powder Springs resident and plaintiff in the Georgia map case, spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and explained, “She hasn’t come to speak to her constituents to see what we need or desire.” Hennington added, “I’m not being represented if I don’t get a chance to (talk to) my elected officials.”

Greene’s dubious moments

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Illustration. Image credit: JIM WATSON / AFP

From comparing masks to the Holocaust to allegedly crying racism after a clash with Democratic representative Bowman and speaking at an event led by a white nationalist, Republican Liz Cheney wrote on X that Greene was now using her official U.S. government “congressional account to promote anti-Semitic, white supremacist, pro-Hitler, pro-Putin conference.”

Greene failed at censuring Michigan Democrat

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After failing to censure Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib, Greene complained on X, “Our country is in the worst crisis in it’s history in every category, and the Democrats are full blown communists, and Republicans can’t even censure Rashida Tlaib.”

Greene went after Republicans, too

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The Georgia firebrand complained, “You voted to kick me out of the freedom caucus, but keep CNN wannabe Ken Buck and vaping groping Lauren Boebert and you voted with the Democrats to protect Terrorist Tlaib.”

For the love of Trump

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Greene continued, “You hate Trump, certified Biden’s election, and could care less about J6 defendants being persecuted.”

Greene the VP?

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In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Greene teased, “I have a lot of things to think about. Am I going to be a part of President Trump’s Cabinet if he wins? Is it possible that I’ll be VP?” But she did not stop there.

Bannon commented

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Former Trump aide Steve Bannon said in January that Greene “sees herself on the shortlist for Trump’s VP,” adding, “When MTG looks in the mirror, she sees a potential president smiling back.”

Ex-CIA director blasted Greene

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Former CIA director John Brennan criticized Marjorie Taylor Greene’s very public defense of the 21-year-old who allegedly leaked classified Pentagon documents.

Greene’s tweet was just the tip of the iceberg

Marjorie Taylor Greene wondering
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Marjorie Taylor Greene defended the man known as Jake Teixeira by saying he was “white, male, Christian, and antiwar. That makes him an enemy to the Biden regime.” She continued, “He told the truth about troops being on the ground in Ukraine and a lot more.”

She further attacked the president

Biden speaking
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In her tweet, Green pondered, “Ask yourself who the real enemy is. A young, low-level national guardsman? Or the administration waging war in Ukraine, a non-NATO nation, against nuclear Russia without war powers?” She also alleged that the man was “treated like a traitor and criminal.”

Liz Cheney said Greene should lose security clearance

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Former Wyoming’s at-large congressional district representative and fellow Republican, Liz Cheney, said that Greene should not hold a security clearance after defending the Air National Guardsman suspected of leaking classified documents. Cheney tweeted, “Marjorie Taylor Greene makes clear yet again that she cannot be trusted with America’s national security information and should not have a security clearance of any kind.”

Brennan joined Cheney

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Nicolle Wallace asked the former director of the CIA if he agreed with Cheney’s comments. Brennan shared his opinion, “From my perspective, I think Marjorie Taylor Greene has demonstrated time and time again that she’s not fit to hold public office with some of her commentary that she has made, even previously.”

Brennan further disapproved of Greene

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Further, the former CIA director shared, “I believe she should not be involved in any type of sensitive, classified information. And she does have some clearances because of her role within the Congress and position on the committee.” His lack of trust, like with Cheney, only further proved that Greene could not be trusted.

He is not against having a difference of opinion

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Brennan explained that one could be against the US involvement in helping Ukraine. He said, “You could have this bizarre policy view that we shouldn’t be helping Ukraine, and if you do have that, you can still decry and condemn the unauthorized disclosure of our classified information that has (damaged) … our interests abroad.”

Many online users also shared their lack of trust in the Georgia representative

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Brennan, who led the CIA under former President Barack Obama, echoed statements made on social networks. One person responded to Greene’s tweet: “Her public agenda is reinstalling a criminal traitor she’s obstructing justice for and breaking up the United States of America.”

People clarified why they disagreed with Greene

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Someone wrote, “What’s not okay is leaking highly sensitive documents.” The third explained why Greeene’s logic was flawed, “He didn’t leak them because he thought it was best for the country, he didn’t come forward as a whistleblower, three was nothing being covered up in what he exposed. He wanted to impress other racists. Lock him up!”

Greene vs. NATO 

Taylor Greene
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The Georgia Republican made the demand in an amendment to the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act, saying, “My amendment would direct the President withdrawal [sic] from NATO. They are not a reliable partner whose defense spending should be paid for by American citizens.”

Bold claims 

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Greene’s rejected amendment added, “The United States has been financing and promising to defend NATO countries for decades and paying more than their fair share. Western European countries could and should be stepping up their financial contributions to ensure the security of NATO; instead, they are entirely beholden to Russia, and the U.S. taxpayer is expected to foot the bill.”

Ukraine is part of Europe, the US’s biggest ally 

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“We are paying for … a proxy war with Russia when I’ve never seen Putin actually show in any detail his plans to invade Europe,” the Republican lawmaker said and added, “I don’t believe the lies that I’m being told about this.”

Raskin’s description 

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Democratic lawmaker Jamie Raskin called out Greene, “Here’s a formula for the destruction of democracy: repeating Putin’s propaganda and disinformation and appeasing imperialist assaults on sovereign nations.”

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