“Down the drain:” Martha Stewart blasts remote workers, says “business is exciting”

Martha Stewart criticized businesses for allowing employees to work from home, adding it will lead America “down the drain.”

Stewart’s argument

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Martha Stewart talked to Footwear News and explained that she believes people cannot “possibly get everything done working three days a week in the office and two days remotely.”

Working through the Covid-19 emergency

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The cook, author, TV personality, and media star explained that she “continued working five days a week” during the coronavirus pandemic.

The media mogul compared the US to France

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The Martha Stewart Living founder said, “Look at the success of France with their stupid…you know, off for August, blah blah blah. That’s not a very thriving country. Should America go down the drain because people don’t want to go back to work?”

Stewart already opened up about her leadership style

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Martha Stewart told Harper’s Bazaar in 2021 how she had 30 employees on-site at her farm in Bedford, New York. She added that business owners should be able to call their employees “anytime, even on weekends.”

Those are some rules 

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Stewart told the publication how she called a worker on Sunday, but he refused to come in. She shared, “I knew I couldn’t work with that person. I just couldn’t.”

Business is exciting

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The 81-year-old, worth $400 million, believes, “It’s exciting! Business is exciting,” adding, “I want people to feel that way about business.”

Musk also does not believe in remote work

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Elon Musk condemned working from home as “morally wrong,” adding that Silicon Valley’s tech industry “laptop classes live in la-la-land.”

Tesla CEO had more to add

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Talking to CNN, Musk shared, “The whole work-from-home thing, it’s sort of like, I think it’s, like, there are some exceptions, but I kind of think that the whole notion of work-from-home is a bit like, you know, the fake Marie Antoinette quote, ‘Let them eat cake.'”

Musk’s explanation

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Musk continued, “It’s like, it’s like, really? You’re gonna work from home, and you’re gonna make everyone else who made your car come work in the factory? You’re gonna make people who make your food that gets delivered – they can’t work from home? The people that come fix your house? They can’t work from home, but you can.”

He thinks it is wrong

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Musk added, “It’s a productivity issue, but it’s also a moral issue. People should get off their goddamn moral high horse with this bulls…t because they’re asking everyone else not to work from home while they do. It’s wrong.”

New working models

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An increasing number of businesses are offering their staff a hybrid model of work, with many asking their employees to come in two-and-a-half days a week. For now, large companies are focused on bringing workers on-site, at least partially. Amazon said it requires workers to spend at least three days in the office.

Other business models

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Some companies are experimenting with four four-day work week, though most combine office work with working from home. People have noticed that usually, wealthy CEOs complain about remote workers, but that’s another topic for another day.

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