Conservatives blast Trump for boasting he was the “apple” of Putin’s eye – From a “lapdog” to an “American idiot”

During a recent interview, the former president and GOP’s presidential hopeful bragged about his closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin and sparked rage and fury from many conservatives and, inherently, liberals.

Trump’s disturbing speech on Fox News

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During his Fox News interview, the former president spoke about Ukraine and his close relationship with Russian President Putin. Trump said, “Putin would have never gone into Ukraine, but that was just on my relationship with him. My personality over his. [He] would have never gone in. I used to speak to him. I was the apple of his eye, but I said, ‘Don’t ever do it.’ It was tough stuff there, but he would have never done it.”

Reactions from all sides

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MSNBC host Medhi Hasan wrote on X, “Imagine, just imagine, if Barack Obama in any of his 8 years in office had proudly and publicly referred to himself as ‘the apple of (Putin’s) eye.’ The right would have had an immediate and nonstop meltdown. Fox would have demanded impeachment and indictment 24/7.”

George W. Bush’s aide presented a theory

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David Frum, a speechwriter for the former president, Republican George W. Bush, also expressed his anger on X, writing, “A perverse truth here. Helping Trump into the US presidency was Putin’s supreme accomplishment as dictator. A Trump 2nd term would have wrecked NATO from within. With no one to help it, Ukraine would have been easy pickings for Putin.”

George Conway used irony

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Conservative simply quoted Trump and poked fun at the former president by writing, “‘I was the apple of his eye.’
— Kremlin asset D. J. Trump, on his ‘relationship’ with V. V. Putin.”

Image if Truman showed love for Stalin

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Michael Beschloss, NBCNews Presidential Historian, put things into perspective, “Never heard Truman boast of being the ‘apple’ of Stalin’s eye.”

Filipkowski’s response had people in stitches

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Ron Filipkowski, a lawyer and former Republican, wrote on X, “Yeah, we know. Putin’s most useful American idiot.” Filipkowski shared he was in contact with Trump’s team, but as he explained, only because they have a common enemy – DeSantis.

Political commentator offered a reminder

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David Rothkopf used this statement to remind people about more recent history. He wrote, “Reminder: Putin invaded Ukraine in 2014. His army was fighting there every minute Trump was president.”

He was not done 

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“Not only did Trump never do anything to stop it, he curried favor with Putin, he spouted Kremlin propaganda & he withheld aid to Ukraine while trying to blackmail its president,” Rothkopf concluded. 

A journalist joked

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Victoria Brownworth shared a gif of Putin holding a dog with the caption, “Lapdog is more like it.”

Trump said several times he would end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours

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He continued repeating this claim

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The post from January was repeated on several rallies, and in July shared his master plan – he would tell Zelensky: “No more, you gotta make a deal,” and Putin: “If you don’t make a deal, we’re gonna give them a lot. We’re gonna give more than they ever got. And that is it, the war will be over.”

Trump turns to Putin for validation

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Trump said that he appreciated recent praise from Russian leader Vladimir Putin. In an exclusive interview with NBC “Meet the Press” moderator Kristen Welker, Trump said it meant “what I’m saying is right,” referring to his positions on the war in Ukraine.

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