Conservative claims Republicans need “an act of God”, adds that Trump cannot beat Joe Biden”

Conservative columnist Matt Lewis warned the GOP they are “hellbent on nominating a likely loser” and shared numbers to support his opinion.

Trump is not your guy

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Lewis, who writes for the Daily Beast, started with numbers and shared, “Let’s start with the notion that he can’t beat Joe Biden. Anyone who watched Trump defy the experts in 2016 should be skeptical of such declarations.”

Citing recent polls

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Lewis adds that according to the polls “from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 53% of Americans say they would definitely not support Trump if he is the nominee.”

The polling is quite telling

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That leaves ” Trump with 47% of the electorate that is ‘gettable,’ which is an important caveat when you consider that he picked the Electoral College lock by winning just 46 percent of the popular vote in 2016,” Lewis writes, but it only gets worse from there.

The showdown will be brutal

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As Lewis explained, “it’s even worse than it looks because “in addition to the 53% who definitely won’t vote for Trump in 2024, ‘Another 11 percent say they would probably not support him in November 2024’ — which is to say that 64% of voters are unlikely to support Trump.”

Everyone is after the former president

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Lewis warned that Republicans are buying into the rhetoric that the media is after Trump, but they do not trust polls. Lewis wrote, “Republicans have quit believing the establishment media and their polls (here, I have some sympathy). Despite his many losses, there is a lingering perception that Trump can pull off miracles (as he did in 2016) and that the media is out to get him.”

Put DeSantis into the mix

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The columnist added DeSantis into the mix, “What is more, there really isn’t a better option. Republicans believe that Trump is more electable than Ron DeSantis, who is in second place nationally (even CNN concludes these voters may be right about that).”

A reminder 

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Still, “even if Trump supporters did know about Trump’s electability issues, it likely wouldn’t matter,” Lewis reminded.

Stickting to Trump no matter what

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The Dialy Beast columnist continued, “65 percent poll as saying they’d rather a candidate share their values than be electable. They are, in short, sticking to Trump with a religious fervor.”

Same results 

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Not only are Republicans rushing toward a report of the 2020 elections, but the results will be the same.

Act of God

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“It’s possible that some external event will prevent another Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden matchup,” concluded Lewis. “But for that to happen, it will probably take an act of God, not an act of political persuasion.”

MAGA movement

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Conservative former Judge Michael Luttig also warned, though his statement is even gloomier. The Judge who warned former Vice President Mike Pence not to overthrow the results of the election said, “Today, in my view, there is no Republican Party to counter the Democratic Party in the country, and for that reason, American democracy is in grave peril.”

It is up to the people

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The Judge added, “Until or unless the Republican Party can pull itself together into a credible political party, we don’t have two competing parties in America.” The ex-judge added, “The two political parties in America are the political guardians of democracy in our country.”

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