“They Snapped My ID In Half” – 23-Year-Old Woman Outraged After Bouncer Snaps Her ID Without Explanation

A woman, 23, posted a video to TikTok in which she claimed the bouncer cut her real ID without any explanation.

The young woman named Kristen (kristen_nicoles) said in her video: “I just came to this freaking bar, and they snapped my ID in half.”

She showed what was left of her ID, saying, “My real ID, they just snapped in half.”

The caption said that the incident happened in a bar, Mother’s Tavern, in San Luis Obispo, California.

In the follow-up video, titled, “Why did he snap my ID?” Kristen said that she went out with friends, and the first place they visited was Mother’s Tavern. After a while, they went to other places, only to return to Mother’s Tavern.

They were about to enter the bar when the bouncer asked to see a stamp she had from the bar when they had visited earlier that night. Kristen said she gave the bouncer a “funny” look after he asked for her ID.

@kristen_nicoles 🤬🤬So this place in downtown San Luis Obispo just snapped my ID in half !! I’m so upset! Im 23 years old and i had another year till my license expires. Called “Mothers Tavern” in downtown San Luis Obispo!!!!! DO NOT GO HERE THEY BREAK REAL ID’s UNTRAINED BOUNCERS !!!!!!! Lemme know if this has happened to you! #bars #sanluisobispo #GenshinImpact34 #fyp #snappedid #bouncer #clubs ♬ original sound – Kristen

Then he returned the “funny” look and told her he wanted to keep her ID. Kristen was in a hurry to use the restroom of the bar and told her viewers:

“I was really confused. I’ve never heard of a bouncer doing that,” Kristen said. “I had to pee really bad, so I said, ‘Okay, no problem, you can hold my ID.'”

When she came back, there was another bouncer on the door. The one who had her ID was “nowhere to be found.”

Kristen continued her story in a second follow-up video. She found the first bouncer at “the other end of the bar.” At that moment, he gave her ID, cut in two, claiming it was fake.

Kristen pointed out she did not try to order drinks and did not understand how the ID was just fine hours ago.

She tried to resolve the issue with the bar manager. After all, the 23-year-old was on vacation, and she had no other documents with her.

Kristen went to the police department the next day to make a report against the bar. She was informed that she’d have to file the report against the bartender, but not the establishment.

@kristen_nicoles PART 1 OF STORYTIME!! WHY DID HE SNAP MY ID? #GenshinImpact34 #sanluisobispo #sanluisobispocounty #california #snappedID #snappedid #bars #bartender ♬ original sound – Kristen

Frustrated, Kristen, who drove her friends to California, also had to drive home. She hoped she would not get pulled over on the way.

The first video got 17.1 million views and counting. The content creator with nearly 30k followers received support from many people claiming they experienced a similar situation.

Kristen said the only explanation could be that the bouncer never saw a vertical ID before. This resonated with a poster who wrote, “they did this with my Sweden ID at a bar and kept it.”

Another person wondered, “Is it now your responsibility to go and get it replaced? To me, that would be the worst part, such an inconvenience.”

Many shared that the bar “should pay for it,” with some adding, “Bring them your birth certificate and make for a new ID.”

Kristen got home safely and put the ID drama behind her. Instead, she added videos of her puppy and makeup hacks.

@kristen_nicoles 😩😩PART 2!!!! WENT TO THE POLICE STATION! #sanluisobispo #GenshinImpact34 #sanluisobispocounty #california #snappedID #snappedid #bars #bartender #motherstavern #crazy #storytime ♬ original sound – Kristen

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