Biden shares video of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s speech to promote his campaign – “I approve this message”

Biden celebrated his legislative wins thanks to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s speech, which in part ended up being part of the President’s campaign ad.

Greene compared Biden to the greatest presidents

Marjorie Taylor Greene speak
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In her speech, Greene said, “Joe Biden had the largest public investment in social infrastructure and environmental programs, that is actually finishing what FDR started, that LBJ expanded on, and Joe Biden is attempting to complete.”

Education, medical care, poverty, etc 

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With pleasant music, the ad continued with Greene’s speech from the same night: “Programs to address education, medical care, urban problems, rural poverty, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid labor unions, and he still is working on it.”

The White House first added a cheeky reply

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In response to Greene’s passionate speech, the White House retweeted it and said, “Caught us. President Biden is working to make life easier for hardworking families.” The Georgia firebrand shared the more extended version of her speech with a caption, “This is really what Joe Biden approves.”

Many agreed that parts were quite flattering

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Twitter users soon pointed out that Greene made a nice ad for Biden’s re-election. In another clip, however, Greene shared how “we are now $32 trillion in debt with record-high homelessness, 40-year record inflation.”

A reminder 

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However, this, too, was met with criticism since Biden did not pile up those trillions on his own. In fact, the national debt increased by $7.8 trillion during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Al Sharpton pushed for the ad

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American civil rights activist Al Sharpton was a guest on MSNBC, and he encouraged the Biden administration to use the clip. He said, “If I were the Democratic Party leadership or the Biden people, I would take that clip and run it all over the country.” And while Greene said the government was “one big fat, bloated machine” that is killing the American dream, her message got lost in unintentional praises.

Biden’s seal of approval

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The most interesting part about the ad for Biden featuring Marjorie Taylor Greene is the caption. The POTUS wrote, “I approve this message,” and people generally loved it. While Greene openly and continuously attacks Biden and his family, the President shared a few moments, like saying, “If you find yourself disoriented or confused, it’s either you’re drunk or Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Greene got played

Taylor Greene
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The speech used for the Biden campaign was from Greene’s Turning Point Action rally against Biden. This comes as another blow to the Georgia lawmaker, who was ousted from the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus following a fight with fellow Republican Lauren Boebert.

Greene’s other venture

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene
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A conservative rapper from Florida, Kurt Jantz, who goes by Forgiato Blow, wrote and presented a song celebrating the Georgia lawmaker and labeling her as “MAGA’s MVP.” In part, the lyrics say, “Marjorie, I really love what you do/Keep calling RINOs out/No one does it better than you, huh?”

The Georgia representative was in the video

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The representative said on Twitter that the song was a way to “promote the Protect Children’s Innocence Act,” which proposes a federal ban on gender-affirming care for minors.

The allegations 

shocked woman
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The song features a snippet of Greene’s statements, accusing Democrats of “grooming children” and that President Joe Biden supports “sexualizing children” and more.

Dark Brandon vs. MTG

Marjorie Taylor Greene l
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Check out Biden’s viral tweet, and let us know who is in charge: Dark Brandon or new hip-hop sensation MTG?

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