Biden predicts the 2024 elections may be the “last gasp” of “MAGA Republicans”

President Biden predicted we could be witnessing the downfall of “MAGA Republicans,” but he still thinks the movement is dangerous.

Biden’s interview

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The President talked to ProPublica’s John Harwood and explained, “I think that this is the last gasp or maybe the first big gasp of the MAGA Republicans. And I think Trump has concluded that he has to win.”

The threat to democracy

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Harwood asked the President if the threat to democracy was smaller since the 2022 midterms were relatively quiet. But Biden is not convinced, “I think the opposite thing is happening, John,” Biden said.”(Trump) will pull out all the stops. I mean, the quotes he uses are just — I never thought I’d hear a president say some of the stuff he says.”

MAGA Republicans in Congress

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Biden shared how “Trump and the MAGA Republicans are determined to destroy American democracy” and sharply criticized “extremists in Congress” who want to “burn the place down.” Biden also alerted how Trump has to win, so “they’ll pull out all the stops.”

MAGA Republicans in the House

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“You see what’s happening in terms of what MAGA Republicans are doing in the House. They don’t make up a majority of the House, but they’re bringing them (to) a screeching halt,” Biden added.

Democracy is on the ballot

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel speaks before former President Barack Obama campaigns for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the rest of the democrat ticket at Renaissance High School in Detroit, Michigan, on October 29, 2022. (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP)
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President Biden warned that “democracy is on the ballot” during his speech in Arizona. He continued, “We have to stand up for America’s values embodied in our Declaration of Independence because we know MAGA extremists have already proven they won’t.”

Biden had more to say about MAGA Republicans

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The former vice president, now 46th president, said, “We have to stand up for our Constitution and the institutions of democracy because MAGA extremists have made clear they won’t.”

Trump still has to win the GOP primaries

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Trump, who faces 91 charges, including a four-count federal indictment over his alleged scheme to overturn the 2020 election, skipped the first two debates in the GOP primaries. The likely nominee dismissed the attempts to use the 14th Amendment to disqualify him for running as “election interference.”

The lingering question

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The 14th Amendment stipulates, “No person shall be a senator or Representative in Congress or elector of president…shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion.” Many legal scholars from all sides of the political spectrum agreed that Trump’s actions regarding January 6 should disqualify him.

Biden did not discuss the 14th Amendment debate

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“I’m not going to opine on that right now,” Biden shared and added that he has other things to worry about. The president said, “I worry because I know that if the other team of MAGA Republicans wins, they don’t want to pull the rule of law, they want to get rid of the FBI.”

Biden on Supreme Court

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The President said, “I do think at the end of the day, this court, which has been one of the most extreme courts — I still think on the basic fundamentals of the rule of law that they would sustain the rule.”

Biden clarified his reelection bid

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“I’m not the only Democrat who can protect [democracy]. I just happen to be the Democrat who I think is in the best position to see to it that the guy (who has us) worried about taking on democracy is not president,” Biden said.

The President ended on a high note

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“I really do believe that the vast majority of the American people are decent, honorable, straightforward. I mean, I think it’s a minority of minority (that’s the problem),” Biden concluded.

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