Many Americans support “use of force” to restore Donald Trump to the presidency

A survey says that the number of people who believe that violence might be necessary to bring Trump back to the White House went from around 12 million to 18 million following the indictments.

The numbers jumped from 4.5% to 7%

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The survey was released by the Chicago Project on Security Threats (CPST), and it was conducted between April 6 and June 26. The Hill writes that the report “Dangers to Democracy” asserts that more people than before find “the use of force is justified to restore Donald Trump to the presidency.”

The rise as a response

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The rise “likely reflects the response of more intense commitment to Trump following the announcement of the federal indictment against him for mishandling classified documents on June 9, 2023 — about two and a half weeks before our June 26, 2023 survey,” the poll concluded.

High tensions

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The survey comes in times of heightened political tension, with the January 6th indictment looming, various pro-Trump hate groups posting ads across social media, and even Donald Trump Jr. jokingly (or not) saying that charges against his father could lead to the end of civilization.

Lack of trust in the system

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Another important discovery was that “about 40 percent of Americans” share “at least one attitude reflecting deep distrust of American democratic institutions” and “20 percent of Americans” believe in “anti-democratic political conspiracy theories about how the country is run.”

Disturbing posts by the former president

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It does not help that Trump shared several posts and videos and even included his dangerous rhetoric in interviews, claiming that furthering deepening legal issues.

Trump’s words 

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Trump said, “It’s a very dangerous thing to even talk about because we do have a tremendously passionate group of voters, much more passion than they had in 2020 and much more passion than they had in 2016.”

He also shared a video made by a Pro-Trump account

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The former president recently reposted a clip with his voice saying, “If you f..k around with us if you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before.”

It sounds like a warning 

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This was taken from Trump’s speech regarding Iran in 2020, but the video, shared by the MAGA account, did not disclose that.

Pence says he’s not worried about Trump inciting violence

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Former Vice President Mike Pence and GOP presidential hopeful said he was not worried about Trump provoking violence. He told CNN, “It doesn’t worry me because I have more confidence in the American people.”

Patriotic or law and order people 

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He added, “I would say not just the majority, but virtually everyone in our movement, are patriotic or law-and-order people who would never have done anything like that.”

Pence was reminded of January 6th

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CNN’s Dana Bash told Pence, “That’s pretty remarkable that you’re not concerned about it given the fact that they wanted to hang you on January 6.”

Pence responded 

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Pence replied, “There’s been an effort to take those that perpetrated violence on January 6 and use a broad brush to describe everyone in our movement,” he said. “It’s not the case.”

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