Alina Habba’s slip about Trump – “He doesn’t do… what’s right” (Video)

While on Newsmax, Trump’s lawyer and legal spokesperson Alina Habba said the former president “doesn’t do what’s popular or what’s right.”

The slip-up

Talking on Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Reports, Habba commented on the Georgia Governor’s dismissal to remove Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Habba proudly declared, “I’m not a politician, but these are individuals who have a duty to their constituents, and if you’re going to wait years and years and years and then prosecute someone when your own state has crimes and real issues, I think you really need to evaluate your position, your morals, and your values.”

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Habba continued, “I think that they’re trying to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, politicians are, you know, elected officials. Elected officials have to do what’s popular and sometimes not what’s right, and that’s a problem. That’s, I think, why people get nervous with Trump. He doesn’t do what’s popular or what’s right.”

It was time to correct the damage

Habba noticed her mistake and quickly reacted, “I should say he only does what’s right, he doesn’t do what’s popular, and you’ve got somebody like Kemp trying to make a name for himself, and he frankly has. He’s made headlines because he’s going against the leading candidate for the Republican Party and, frankly, the leading presidential candidate, period.”

However, this was not the first time the lawyer said something that could potentially hurt her client. While on Fox News, Habba discussed all of Trump’s trials and told host Shannon Bream that “if this was a normal person… I could understand the concern,” but Trump is “incredibly intelligent, and he knows the ropes.” She wondered, “What is he going to have to be prepped for? The truth? You don’t have to prep much when you’ve done nothing wrong.”

The interview came days before the D.C. trial date was set

Trump’s legal team asked for April 2026 to mark the beginning of the trial regarding the alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 elections. Jack Smith’s team of prosecutors wanted the trial to start on January 2. The Judge ruled it would begin on March 4, and Trump complained about it on Truth Social. However, if Trump does not need to prepare, why postpone it for years?

Harvard legal scholar Laurence Tribe reacted, “Trump’s lawyer tells FOX her client ‘knows all the facts’ and doesn’t need time to prep for the coup trial — while his other lawyer says he needs till April 2026 because it’s so complex.” former Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann shared on X, “Not a great statement to make just prior to DC Judge anticipated ruling tomorrow on D.C. trial date.” “The more his lawyers speak for political purposes, the more they harm/impact the legal case,” posted national security attorney Mark Zaid.

Habba vs. Biden Administration

The attorney said on AMAC’s Better For America podcast, “We saw like a Soviet-style theater of police state tactics from Georgia, which follows a federal FBI raid on Mar a Lago and arraignments against Donald Trump in New York, Miami, and D.C. The president, along with 18 other Americans, has been indicted for taking actions that are protected by the Constitution. As an example, John Eastman was just indicted in Georgia for his role in combating election fraud despite his efforts being constitutionally protected. So essentially, it seems the Biden administration is now criminalizing actions that are protected by the Constitution.”

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While on the podcast, the lawyer and legal spokesperson added, “Each of these trials are going to take four to six weeks. (It will) tie up the presidential candidate for the better part of 6 months, and we’re not only talking about his criminal cases but also civil cases. It’s by design [and] it’s unfair and malicious. It’s beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”