500 students force Pennsylvania school board to reverse trans bathroom policy after organized walkout

Pennsylvania school board is reversing a decision regarding allowing trans students to choose bathrooms following a student walkout and outrage by their parents.

Perkiomen Valley District’s students went on strike

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The Pennsylvania students left their classes in mid-September after learning about a new policy regarding transgender students. Hundreds of students accused the board of “compromising” their rights and putting female students at risk.

Students defended girls

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Illustration. Image credit: ARTUR WIDAK / NURPHOTO / NURPHOTO VIA AFP The ‘1 Million March 4 Children’ featured rallies and marches across Canada, opposing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculum and gender-inclusive school policies. These protests, often criticized as anti-LGBTQ, sought to remove ‘pronouns, gender ideology, and mixed bathrooms’ from education. Some cities witnessed small counter-protests, showing support for 2SLGBTQ+ activists. (Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto) (Photo by Artur Widak / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP)

High school student John Ott, who organized the walkout, told Fox News that “(female students) were upset. They didn’t want men in their bathroom.” John’s mother, Stephanie Ott, added, “This is about protecting our children and our privacy and boys and girls. It’s simple biology.”

A female student spoke up

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Victoria Rudolph told Fox, “There needs to be some changes. It’s just uncomfortable seeing 19-year-old men or 18-year-old men in the bathroom.”

Superintendent defended the decision

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Superintendent Dr Barbara Russell defended the decision not to adopt the bathroom ban, citing the antidiscrimination code. Russell called on Policy 103, which says gender identity is a protected class.

Trans students felt fear

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One student was afraid to use the toilet during school hours, and they told WFMZ: ‘” I hate that I have to feel scared in a place that promotes supportiveness for kids.”

The District has over 5,000 students

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Perkiomen Valley School Board includes over 5100 students of all ages. After the voting to allow trans students into female bathrooms, The Perkiomen Valley School Board’s president, Jason Saylor, shared, “Although I voted differently than the majority of the board, as board president, I respect the outcome of the vote and those who voted against expediting the policy.”

Saylor continued

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The board’s president added, “I also appreciate our student body, those who came to our previous board meeting to vote, and the 300+ students who used their First Amendment right to voice their opinion in favor of the policy during their protest.”

The board voted again

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In a 5 to 4 vote in early October, the initial ruling was overturned. Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for Education Studies at Family Research Council, confirmed the news to The Washington Stand, claiming that “reversal is significant for many reasons.”

Kilgannon’s statement

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Kligannon continued, “I regret that it came down to the students themselves to shame the adults into protecting women and girls, but that’s where we are on the timeline, apparently.”

Fear of retribution

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Kligannon expressed she was “grateful” to the students, their parents, and school board members for protecting students. Still, she fears they will face “retribution” from the Pennsylvania government and the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights.

The new definition

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“In all school buildings in this District, restrooms, locker rooms, and showers that are designated for one (1) sex shall be designated for use only by members of that sex. No person shall enter a restroom, locker room, or shower that is designated for the use of the opposite sex,” the new policy states.

One dad initially raised the issue

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Tim Jagger, a father of one girl, raised concerns after his daughter likely met a transgender student while in the bathroom. However, there was no proof, but later, around 400 high school students organized the walkout and essentially changed the policy.

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